Shira Strongin

Patient Leader


Advocating for Another Best in Show: Community or Forum Health Activist Hero Patient Leader Hero

Shira is an incredible person. She spends her time advocating and working hard to help others with chronic illnesses and rare diseases Through her projects such as Sick Chicks and We Are More, she supports hundreds. She has won many awards for her advocacy, her most recent being the Amelia Moore Sparkle Award at the Dysautonomia Intl. Conference.

Shira is an amazing person with an amazing drive to change the face of healthcare. Her advocacy is unyielding, not to mention, her support for each person she encounters. She never fails to brighten my day through her account, which brings light to chronic illness and what it means to be an all around badass sickchick.

This young woman goes out of her way to offer support to, empower,and reach out to other girls accross the world who are struggling with chronic illness despite having to constantly fight her own.The community she has built is fun and positive,but it offers a safe space to be real about our struggles and get support from others. This is her passion  — Christina

I met Shira at a medical conference a month after I was finally diagnosed. I was scared out of my mind but after seeing the badass way that she not only fought for her own health but helped others learn how to fight for themselves I was truly inspired. Because of her and sickchicks I learned how to make my voice heard medically and politically.

Before I met Shira I had just started accepting my diagnosis. I was still pretty mad at my own body, but when I saw how hard she was fighting to be heard on Capitol Hill, a fire was lit within me. I've been able to see her advocacy in action, and I can truly say that she has changed the path I'm on for the better. She's an unstoppable Sick Chick.  — Caroline

Shira Strongin

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