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I ain't dead yet! Lupus lied! I love being a part of a team to bring lupus to the forefront of awareness in South Carolina. Advocacy for lupus patients like myself, here in South Carolina has allowed me to lead community efforts towards the development of a South Carolina lupus registry. Although I've had the opportunity to stand on the TEDxDenverED stage, I favor the local platform of rural areas, home churches, and community health fairs where I can really reach those afflicted. Because they may be unable to reach out themselves, being a voice and devoted force in helping others face life with an open mind, heart and spirit is an important path towards healing.


Columbia, SC


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She has taken her own personal life and worked it so that others will learn more about lupus and how to best live with this disease. She is not scared to share the intimidating aspects of the disease.  — Glenn

She is always willing to do whatever it takes to educate about lupus, from passing out information packets she always has on hand to sharing her own life experiences living with the disease.  — Yolanda

Hetlena is so passionate about everything she does. While fighting her own lupus, she pushes through day after day so that she can be such a staunch advocate. She is constantly looking for new ways to get her message out and raise awareness about lupus. Her smile, laugh, and sense of humor are enough to get anyone interested.  — Kimberly

This is a blog that not only offers information but support as well, something a survivor needs.


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