Bree Hogan

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As a fellow chronic illness advocate, Bree's voice and blog posts are a light and many on my page enjoy her plethora of articles. She works tirelessly and I believe that she deserves this award. I frequently visit her blog as do plenty of other chronic illness sufferers.  — Jennifer

I’m proud as punch of my kid, yep, but I see the comments, interactions and sharing that occurs on Starbrite Warrior and I know it’s because of the environment that Bree has worked so hard to create. Words can’t describe how happy I am that her writing is not only helping her to heal, but is touching so many other lives around her.  — Jenny

In the face of debilitating chronic pain on a 24/7 basis Bree writes using her unique brand of wit & humour -about life with chronic illness. It's as if she speaks to me directly - uplifts inspires motivates encourages through tears & joy to help me smile & laugh as I too navigate my way forwards with chronic illness & find my own balance in life.

Amazing writer who discusses real issues with humour

Bree is a remarkable woman who lives her message of resilience & celebrating life with chronic illness. Bree works a day job as she builds her business & also teaches health, wellness & nutrition through the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. Bree’s a shining example of how, despite the hand we’re dealt, each of us can live a remarkable life.  — Sarah

Bree Hogan

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