Bree Hogan

Patient Leader

Bree Hogan is a Certified Essential Oils Coach, holds a Master Aromatherapy Diploma (ACOA Dip M.aroma), is an internationally certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach with specialisations in Gut and Hormone Health, and a Certified AromaTouch massage practitioner. Oh yeah, and there’s also the 14 years she spent climbing the Corporate Ladder before she realised where her true calling and passion lay. It only took one massive health Mack Truck (cue the Guillain Barre Syndrome at age 24 in late 2005) to hit for her to start to come to her senses! Bree now leverages her real-life experience and qualifications - all of which she obtained in her quest to better her own life post Guillain Barre Syndrome - to help you cut through the overwhelm and get on the path to rebuilding and living a life you love, despite the challenges of chronic illness. The life lens may be different, but you are still YOU! You didn’t lose your sense of self, your core, that inner spunk. You have just crutched and wheeled a different path, and you can absolutely still thrive in life!


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As a fellow chronic illness advocate, Bree's voice and blog posts are a light and many on my page enjoy her plethora of articles. She works tirelessly and I believe that she deserves this award. I frequently visit her blog as do plenty of other chronic illness sufferers.  — Jennifer

I’m proud as punch of my kid, yep, but I see the comments, interactions and sharing that occurs on Starbrite Warrior and I know it’s because of the environment that Bree has worked so hard to create. Words can’t describe how happy I am that her writing is not only helping her to heal, but is touching so many other lives around her.  — Jenny

In the face of debilitating chronic pain on a 24/7 basis Bree writes using her unique brand of wit & humour -about life with chronic illness. It's as if she speaks to me directly - uplifts inspires motivates encourages through tears & joy to help me smile & laugh as I too navigate my way forwards with chronic illness & find my own balance in life.

Amazing writer who discusses real issues with humour

Bree is a remarkable woman who lives her message of resilience & celebrating life with chronic illness. Bree works a day job as she builds her business & also teaches health, wellness & nutrition through the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. Bree’s a shining example of how, despite the hand we’re dealt, each of us can live a remarkable life.  — Sarah

Bree Hogan

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