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Molly is an inspiration to spoonies and chronic patients in both the Diabetes type 1 and Rheumatoid Athritis communities. She shared her experiences and is an awesome patient advocate  — Paul

Molly has opened up her journey with RA and Diabetes, through the good and the bad, the highs and the lows. She's taken action to not hide anymore, and to help show solidarity, unity, and community through humor, being witty, and raw. As someone who has lived with chronic pain, I value her open window and truths.  — Jessie

Molly is an inspiration to me. We both have #RA. She also is a well of knowledge for people with Type 1 Diabrtes. Her blog posts are always well written and informative. A+++  — Paul

Molly is one of those rare people you find who has the ability to make a huge impact as a patient advocate. Always there to be of support to others, she also doesn't allow her illnesses to define who she is or what she can do. She is an up and coming advocate who can be a voice to bring about change!

Molly is the great "cross contaminator" of the chronic illness/pain community & I mean that in the BEST way! :) We 'met' due to a shared dx of RA. Our friendship grew & so did our health issues. Molly, POTS. Me, hypoglycemia. When I needed someone most to help adjust to BG checks & my new Dexcom system, she was ALWAYS there to help & support me.  — Kenzie

When it came to nominating Molly you really can nominate in any category! I chose Facebook though because of her outstanding advocacy work in chronicling her illnesses through the Facebook platform. She does such an amazing job through showing her own journey that it can't help but bring others together through that.  — Ross

Molly Schreiber | And Then You're at Jax

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