Janice Tindle

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She writes what people feel. It's concise, well written and raises awareness about traumatic brain injury, Dystonia and related issues.

Janice keeps me laughing all the time. All the while discussing serious health topics, she always brings her witty side to keep it light and fun. Laughter really is the best medicine and she brings it into my life every time we are in contact. I always leave our conversations with a smile which is so necessary when living with chronic pain.  — Tom

I nominate Janice Tindle as she inspired me to become a founding Co-Admin of a Financial Resources Page for Brain Injury Survivors. Our Resources Page recently hit the benchmark of 1,000 Facebook Likes. That benchmark was reached in the first 18 months of existence. I believe the information that Janice and I provide is helping many TBI Survivors.  — Trina

Janice Tindle was inspired to create a Facebook page, "Traumatic Brain Injury Resources". As co-Admins of the page, we recently topped 1,000 "Likes". The page is for sharing helpful financial resources for individuals who have survived TBI. So many people have been financially devastated by Brain Injury, and there are few resources available.  — Trina

Janice Tindle

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