David Susman PhD

Patient Leader

I'm a clinical psychologist and mental health advocate. My blog (davidsusman.com) is focused on mental health, wellness and recovery from mental illness and addiction. My goal is to provide proven, science-based information and resources to offer support, hope, inspiration and encouragement to persons in recovery and to those who care about them. I also feature “Stories of Hope,” a series of interviews with people who have dealt with mental health challenges and share the lessons they have learned through their journey.


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Best in Show: Blog

Excellent posts that are enlightening and helpful.  — Bethany

David has done amazing work with his Stories of Hope project that is featured on his blog. All his selected candidates bring new hope to so many others dealing with various forms of mental illness and continues to strive to help more each day. By day or by night, David is trying to help as much as he can.  — Christina

Dr. Susman's blog balances professional wisdom and provider experience. He also uses this blog to elevate voices of those with lived experience and to actively discuss mental health recovery. His well-spoken manner and knowledge are flawlessy translated into his blog. He is a stigma fighter deserving of high praise.  — Marcie

David Susman PhD

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