Tom Seaman

Patient Leader

For 15 years I have lived with dystonia, a neurological movement disorder. Being involved in support groups has been a big help, which motivates me to pay it forward by doing advocacy work. I write articles, a blog, make educational videos, volunteer as a support group leader for the Dystonia Medical Research Foundation and spread awareness on TV, newspapers & social media. I also wrote a book, Diagnosis Dystonia: Navigating the Journey, which was recognized by the Michael J. Fox Foundation. It provides A-Z strategies for how to live well with dystonia. I also battled morbid obesity by losing 150 lbs. I love helping people work through challenges, which I do as a certified health/life coach.


Wilmington, NC


Health Activist Hero Rookie of the Year Best in Show: Blog


Best Kept Secret

Tom is very knowledgeable about our disease. His posts and messages are always positive and he has given me a better understanding of my disease. By his sharing with us daily it has helped me to keep a positive attitude and not give in to the pain and frustrations of not being able to do the things I used to be able to do.  — Angie

As a parent with a child who has dystonia, Tom has helped me and my family better understand and cope with this life altering condition. He is so positive and inspiring, always educating us with everything he does in is advocacy work. He is a true hero in our lives!!  — Irene

Tom has written the absolute best book on dystonia that has not come close to the recognition it and he deserve. His book and blog are still two of the best kept secrets. His words have changed my life. He not only taps into the challenges of dystonia, but every other health or life challenge one might face. Thanks Tom!  — Jennifer

Tom is so supportive + helpful + sharing to those with Dystonia. He is often in Facebook offering help with information + suggestions on helping others to live with Dystonia. For me personally; he even gave me the confidence to start a Support Group in our area. I never would have even thought of it much less started one without Tom suggesting it.  — Deborah

Tom Seaman

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