Rare Candace

Patient Leader

I am a rare disease patient who began advocating for others after researching and using an off-label chemotherapy treatment to put my blood disorder in remission. Thanks to my success with my treatment, I graduated from law school in 2.5 years, obtained my certification in Healthcare Compliance from Seton Hall Law School and passed the Florida Bar Exam. In addition to practicing law, I consult on pharmaceutical projects, advertising campaigns, political strategy and legislative initiatives. My unique experience allows me to address a variety of issues from a patient and professional perspective. I'm also working in translational research after the loss of my dog Kona Bear to canine glioma.


Coral Springs, FL


Patient Leader Hero

Candace used her diagnosis as inspiration to not only fight to survive, but to raise awareness for all people fighting rare diseases. She continues to evolve in this mission, even to where she has started to raise awareness for treatment for rare diseases in animals as well as humans alike. She's on a mission to live and to let all live!  — Susan

Past Awards Participation

Fifth Annual Health Activist Awards


Advocating for Another Health Activist Hero
Rare Candace

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