Summer Scirocco

Patient Leader

In 2013, I was diagnosed with psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis. Since then I have joined a number of nonprofit organizations as an advocate and mentor for those who are newly diagnosed or someone who needs someone to talk to. I have traveled from San Francisco to Washington, sharing my story at events and even to my state representatives. I want to make sure the public is more aware of chronic illnesses and just because "we don't look sick" doesn't mean we don't fight a battle every single day. I also have fibromyalgia, CFS, endometriosis, depression & anxiety all of which are "invisible illnesses." I advocate because I want to be a voice for those who feel like they don't have one.


Vidalia, LA


Rookie of the Year

Although new, Summer's blog is full of encouragement and poignant insights from a young wife and mother living every day with Psoriatic Arthritis. You must check it out!  — Lori-Ann

Summer Scirocco

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