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Dorchester, MA


Health Activist Hero Best in Show: Blog Patient Leader Hero Best in Show: Twitter

Anna has 2 characteristics that sets her apart from others. First, she doesn't hold back. Her honesty is refreshing. Secondly, she advocates for fellow advocates. This is a tough business, advocates need support also.  — Alan

An inspiration to so many! She doesn't allow her disability to limit the things she want to go after. An advocate who supports others without passing judgement and who's there when needed.

Anna has overcome so many health problems and challenges in getting the proper care for her Systemic Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis . She never gives up. Through her blog she raises awareness and gives others with this disease hope and inspiration. She is an ambassador to the Arthritis Foundation and on the patient advisory council at Tufts.  — denise

The first word that comes to mind when I think of Anna is badass. She shares the the battles she faces with her medical conditions and the added problems of insurance bureaucracy, being a female patient, and more ... but also her strength and endurance as an athlete. She may be ~10 years younger than me, but I want to be Anna when I grow up!  — Kerry

Anna is one of the top 5-7 people I intentionally check my Twitter feed for. She is always keeping it real and can somehow sneak the best punch line in even with that limit of 140 characters! ;) She is a long time friend of mine and inspires MANY of us in the RA community to strengthen ourselves however we can. She is a "must follow" on Twitter!  — Kenzie

Anna has an amazing voice on social media and works for health care professionals to listen. She works tirelessly for patients to get access to the care and medication they need. She advocates locally and nationally and deserves recognition.  — Tory

Anna Evangeline | SixHips

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