Emily Wu Truong (吳怡萱)

Patient Leader


Arcadia, CA


Rookie of the Year Advocating for Another Best in Show: Facebook

Emily has the biggest heart to help others realize their potential to make a difference in the world. She is a dedicated mental health advocate doing all that she can for suicide prevention. Check out her video featured on the California Mental Health Movement's campaign Each Mind Matters here: https://www.facebook.com/MLEWu/videos/697174403684800/  — Emily Wu

Emily is a powerful force on social media creating awareness for Asian Americans with mental illness. She has created a FB group called Asian American Mental Health Advocates Unite--Emily posts frequently and connects advocates to each other. She regularly gives of her time speaking about these sensitive issues to people who need help and hope.

Emily has a strong voice she selflessly lends to those in need. Her fight against social stigmas surrounding mental health issues should be awarded. Emily is courageous in her fight and never backs down against social injustice. I am glad she is on our side, and I want her to be recognized for all the good she is doing in the world.  — Test

Emily Wu Truong (吳怡萱)

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