Ash Mackinnon

Patient Leader

Traveled with wife Leah who became first Australian woman to have Cyberknife Robotic cancer treatment in Hospital in Oklahoma. Have since ensured Australia now has Cyberknife and also Gamma Knife in Aussie Hospitals. Author of Dying to get to Oklahoma. Nominated for Australian of the year


Health Activist Hero Best Kept Secret

Ash is a single dad who lost his wife & home to cancer. He has petitioned tirelesly to get Cyberknife as a treatment option to aussie hospitals. He helped others get Cyberknife overseas while we waited for australia to act. This year he had success with Perth opening our 1st cyberknife centre and then australias richest woman agreeing to build 2nd  — June

Most people don’t know about Cyberknife as a cancer treatment in Australia but Ash has helped get 2 machines to Australian hospitals (both in Perth) and is now campaigning to get the unfinished Centre in Melbourne finished as well as Darwin’s promised by Australia’s richest woman but also unfinished  — Alec

The treatment, Cyberknife, used for non invasive cancer care worldwide but basically unheard of in Australia . Ash is changing that. He has managed to assist getting Australia’s first 2 facilities open (both in Perth) but tirelessly campaigning to finish 2 unfinished centres (1 by Australia’s richest woman)  — Alec

Ash Mackinnon

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