Gina Walker

Patient Leader

During the summer of 2011 I was diagnosed with Placenta Percreta. After surviving a planned Cesarean/Hysterectomy that included a stroke, brain injury, loss of vision and a massive 540 unit blood transfusion that left me in a coma and dealing with a lengthy hospital stay, I decided to find the good in all I had been through! I wanted to give other women dealing with Placenta Accreta a place to turn and give the condition a voice. I began the Hope for Accreta Foundation to do just that! We have been able to connect and work with women around the globe offering not only online support through online forums, private groups etc., but by also going further and bringing these women face to face!


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Gina Walker faced and survived this rare condition in 2011. Since then she has dedicated her life to providing support for others who face this condition through an outlet for sharing their experiences along with national blood drives to support the medical needs of those facing this diagnosis.  — Laura

Gina Walker

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