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Struggling to find myself when in the depths of anorexia, I did what many do: seek answers and understanding on the internet. Izzy has a blog that consists of posts that address practically every single topic anyone with an eating disorder would want covering, and she has instilled hope in such a vast many—including me. Amazing person.  — Lauren

This young lady has indeed contributed to my outlook upon life in regards to an ED as well as outside of an eating disorder. she has saved my life as well as many others. I found her blog while i was googling on how to self recover from Anorexia Nervoasa.. I have, since March 2014, recommended her blog to others and i look at it every day.  — Madison

She is a true inspiration for anyone suffering from an eating disorder, in particular anorexia. She has a personal experience of the illness and other mental health problems but she is now fully recovered and represents a truly healthy image to others. Her blog is filled with hope and strength , showing others that you can recover just like her.  — Caitlin

Life without anorexia

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