Nicole Lyons

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Nicole has battled her own demons with bipolar disorder and has openly shared her journey with thousands of others in hopes of helping them along their path. She is open and candid and doesn't get any realer than that. she volunteers for a Canadian organization that rallies for better mental health care for youth, focusing on suicide prevention.  — Scott

Nicole brings support and awareness to so many living with, or loving someone with, mental illness. She is a speaker, volunteer, writer and a tireless advocate for others. She volunteers her time and is always ready with any kind of support she can give. The knowledge she has given me has been priceless.  — Debbie

I have followed Nicole since she started the lithium chronicles on facebook and I follow her blog and everywhere she writes when she writes for other sites to. The Lithium Chronicles and the people that are on the page saved my life.Everyone supports each other and Nicole has built a safe place for us to help each other without being scared.  — Jessica

She has helped my family understand and accept my illness and talk with them and give them so much information and educational resources that they now understand so much better than they did before and they no longer blame me or think I am shameful. Nicole taught them we are all worth something and they continues to learn from her.  — Jessica

Everyone should follow her because she really does care and she is real and isn't fake with anyone on her sites. She is my hero and so many people's heroes and she is already a winner but she is the very best person who saved my life

Nicole is witty as heck, she says it like it is and sometimes when she says it it comes out cheeky or even dare I say, dropping the fbomb - gasp. But that is why we are all her fans and we wouldn't change her for the world. Her humor is appreciated because she makes us laugh in situations where it'd be really easy to cry. Laughter is best medicine.

Nicole Lyons

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