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Ruth's area of expertise is brain health and she shares the latest medical updates in this field. She very creatively uses puzzles and games to let her readers "exercise" their brains -- one of the best things to do as we age. Ruth advocates for brain health and shares other ideas for keeping sharp. Her posts are extremely informative -- and fun!

Ruth has made brain health fun! She explains the science of it in a way we can all understand, and provides games and puzzles to keep our brains stimulated. She is changing - and improving - the face of brain health and making it easily accessible. She's done so much for the midlife community, and has made a difference in so many people's lives.  — Lois

Ruth Curran, founder of Brain Based Solutions and Cranium Crunches, is passionate about brain health. She creates apps that include puzzles designed to challenge the brain, writes an informational blog on brain health, and speaks at conferences on how to keep the brain active as we age. Ruth loves what she's doing and Health Activist Hero defines her to a tee.  — Terri

Ruth brings an awareness of the importance of brain health and makes it easy for me to work my brain. I love her puzzles and love that she makes all of this information so easily accessible to everyone.  — Edith

Cranium Crunches is a great ambassador and proponent of brain health. The Pinterest board reflect all the various "ingredients" that help maintain and optimize brain health.  — Anne-Marie

Having known Ruth Curran and followed her professional and volunteer endeavors for almost 20 years, she indeed has always been my health activist hero. She has developed and overseen rural educational and health clinic non-profits, developed health programs for the elderly and their caregivers, and most recently has develop a brain education program for the second half of life (Cranium Crunches). Ruth has always been a personal problem solver for those who have hit a brick wall with established protocols, and through working with the professionals involved, been able to move the process forward. She is a "never say never" kind of person, living a life of positive determination to help make life for those around her better, while also being able to strategically contribute to local, regional, and national health issues and programs. Ruth is an exceptional human being, living a life of giving, reaching for improvements for those most in need.  — Katherine

She is innovative and passionate about educating others about better brain health. Her daily puzzles give us a true workout. Her extensive knowledge on the subject is vast. She is just plain fun and helps keep our brains in great shape!  — Cathy

Ruth is a pioneer in her field of helping others in better brain health. She is an expert in her wide range of knowledge of maintaining brain health after her own personal stories of brain challenges. Her puzzles, games and wisdom keep all of our brains in good shape! Plus her site's a lot of fun!  — Cathy

After suffering a traumatic brain injury, she learned the importance of brain health and set out to help others learn, too. Her website, offers daily brain exercises that are fun AND build cognitive skill. She's active in social communities raising awareness of the need for a healthy brain and how to make sure yours is.  — Carol


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