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I share my journey to inspire others to have a healthier and happier life despite chronic pain and endometriosis. I started EndoHappy In 2013 just a few months after my Hysterectomy, I'm now active on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook and connect with over 12,000 followers. Connecting with my EndoSisters and other spoonies has been life changing and brings me so much joy. I have contributed to various Endometriosis Blogs and had an article published on Cosmopolitan.co.uk. My biggest wish is that I am in some way able to change someone elses life for the better, by making them feel less alone, give them the courage to keep fighting or just simply recognising how awesome they are! Xx


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Best in Show: Twitter

Katie started Endo Happy to uplife endo women and is always so encouraging and inspiring. I can't think of anyone who is more deserving.  — Heather

For working tirelessly to raise awareness of endometriosis and supporting women who suffer from the disease.  — endo_star

There are thousands of women who suffer with the debilitating disease called Endometriosis. She is an advocate and is inspirational and helps many women carry on with their days even when in pain just with her inspiring tweets. She is inspirational and awesome  — EndoHappy

Endohappy has been around for years and she is encouraging, happy and helps people with endometriosis find their smile through pain and hardship. She has been an active advocate for years and whenever I see her posts I smile . She rocks

Endohappy is amazing and is always the positive hope online for patients suffering from Endometriosis. She is always there to help others out and make their day just that much more better.

Endo Happy has been around for a long time. She gives hope to those battling with the debilitating disease Endometriosis. Her posts always make me smile and feel more positive. She rocks!!  — Angela


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