Marla Murasko

Patient Leader

I am passionate about my work as an Advocate for Down Syndrome. Spreading awareness to the world so they will change the way they see individuals like my son who is rocking an extra chromosome, and see their capabilities, not their disability. People with Down Syndrome need to be heard, understood, included and given the same opportunities at school, in their community and in the workplace as their typical peers. I have spoken on different stages, from the United Nations for World Down Syndrome Day, to community forums, interviewed on podcasts and even spoken in schools. I am proud to be a published author but more proud of being a Mom to my inspiring and determined son Jacob.


Hopkinton, MA


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Through her Instagram profile, Marla brings her Down Syndrome advocacy to life through her capture of her son Jacob's experience as they attend events, meeting with government officials as well as providing inspiration through motivational quotes and resources.

I have had the pleasure of getting to know Marla over the past year. She is an amazing source of hope and inspiration for other families across the country. She has spoken on major stages and has a name and platform to change and impact the lives of so many families and individuals. She is using Instagram as a platform to educate and inspire!

Marla travels the country speaking on advocacy and heads so many projects that advocate for our loved ones with special needs. Not only is she an inspiration for other advocates because of her selfless service, she is also a source of hope for families that their child with special needs can live an amazing life of purpose!  — Phillip

Marla uses her Instagram feed to champion her advocacy as mom to Jacob, her son who has Down Syndrome. She shares resources, inspiration and gives the behind-the-scenes view of her civic involvement as well as public speaking. Beyond her own work, Marla also features others making a difference across many causes through her #MarlasMentions.  — Quiana

Through her blog Marla shows the personal side of her work as a Down Syndrome advocate. Her content ranges from sharing her speaking engagements nationwide, as well as educational resources to lifestyle such as travel and self care. Additionally, her feature "Marla Mentions" amplifies those doing advocacy work across a myriad of topics.  — Quiana

Past Awards Participation

Sixth Annual WEGO Health Awards


Advocating For Another

Fourth Annual Health Activist Awards


Advocating for Another
Marla Murasko

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