Courtney Bentley of Star Systemz

Patient Leader

Courtney Bentley also known as COURTSTAR, founder of the Star Systemz Method, believes that staying bikini body ready is not about starving yourself, crazy cleanses and doing massive amounts of cardio. You may have seen her featured as a Fitness Expert on Websites like Ehow, Livestrong and motivating kids to create healthy habits on The Jackie Fame Network. Her abilities to share her knowledge not only shine when she coaches but also on camera. Her motivation with clients goes beyond the gym, she STRIVES to teach her clients not only HOW TO workout but EMPOWER them through movement, nutrition and wellness. Her goal is to show EVERY WOMAN it is possible to have that bikini body while shining like a star!


Best in Show: Blog

Courtney's blog always contains helpful motivational tips, healthy and easy recipes, and videos showing quick and effective workouts.  — Courtney

Courtney  Bentley of Star Systemz

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Best Kept Secret Nominee

Best Kept Secret Nominee


Best Kept Secret Nominee

Best in Show: Blog Nominee