Dr. Deepak Arora

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Creating awareness and dispelling myths surrounding sexual health issues in India is one of my missions in life. To do this I have leveraged the power of social media in general and YouTube in particular to give current and relevant information on topics related to various sexual health and relationship issues. Most of the videos and content that I create are aimed towards the Youth in India as this is a segment of the Indian population who are most in need of correct guidance which unfortunately is not easily available. My YouTube channel has over 930,000 views so far and continues to gain viewership and subscribers. Besides the videos, I also write articles on sexual dysfunction and relationships on my blog (blog.draroras.com) which was selected as one of the Top 10 Sexual Health Blogs in 2013 by healthexpress.co.uk . My clinics are the first to be accredited by Indian Health Organization and I am also the founder of the #1 online sexual health consultation website in India, which has enabled me to reach out to and treat thousands of patients from all around India and abroad who either don’t have access to a qualified sexologist or are reluctant to visit a clinic due to privacy concerns. I was also awarded the " India's Best Doctor (Sexology) 2013" at MT India Healthcare Awards 2013.


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Dr. Deepak Arora

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