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Peter W. Rosenberger is a leading authority on caregiver issues and draws upon his vast experience in caring for his wife for 27+ years through her now 78 operations, multiple amputations, 60+ Doctors, 12 Hospitals, and $9 million in medical costs. In addition to authoring two books and numerous articles, he hosts a weekly radio show for caregivers. Peter and Jeff Foxworthy recently teamed up to do a hilarious video for AARP “You Might Be A Caregiver If …” Peter’s newest book is Wear Comfortable Shoes-Surviving and Thriving As A Caregiver. For more information visit Peter serves as the president of Standing With Hope, a non-profit prosthetic limb outreach to amputees in developing countries that he and his wife, Gracie, founded. Standing With Hope equips and teaches local workers to build and maintain prosthetic limbs for their own people. For more information visit


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Serving as his wife’s caregiver “… since the cold war,” has required Peter to juggle career, finances, family, and massive stack of medical bills. Along the way, he has learned practical steps that maintain emotional, physical, and financial sanity while building closer family ties – and even keeping a sense of humor. He recently did a funny video with Jeff Foxworthy, "You Know You're a Caregiver If ..." Check it out at In the midst of navigating through a $9,000,000 medical catastrophe that has included 78 surgeries, multiple amputations, 60 doctors, 12 hospitals, and 7 insurance companies over the past 27 years, Peter has kept his sense of humor and keeps those around him laughing!  — Karen


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