Melanie Lamb

Patient Leader


Advocating for Another Health Activist Hero Best in Show: Youtube

Melanie has arachnoiditis and many other medical conditions. she is living with an intractable pain yet, she devotes her time in helping others, supporting and guiding consumers who are in dire need of help, mentally, psychologically, medically. Her compassion surpasses her own needs. This incurable and painful disorder has stolen her qualityoflife  — Louise

Melanie has spent her life in service to others. She has done equine & K9 training for the disabled & is respected in search and rescue. Now, disabled in constant pain, she continues to work tirelessly to be a resource, encourager, researcher, and advocate for others. Her courage and warrior heart has given others hope & the will to keep living.

She has helped thousands with a variety of suicide diseases, CRS, arachnoiditis , Tarlov cyst disease, sharing information with others with her own story, blogs, medical harm, natural remedies...reaching out personally to others. She is a wealth of information and inspiring  — Belinda

She suffers from adhesive arachnoiditis arachnoiditis due to medical harm during a routine epidural. She is a great advocate for this disease and has helped others by her testimony.

Melanie Lamb

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