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I am a health and wellness advocate, chef, consultant and certified plant based specialist who champions a plant-based diet to help reverse and prevent food related diseases. My unifying idea is to encourage people to be part of a healthy community where people can share their thoughts and ideas with each other through the Ordinary Vegan Facebook page which is over 313,000 community members strong. Besides recipes, my Ordinary Vegan blog provides health information, food pyramids, plant-based protein lists, getting started ideas and an overall "how-to" guide to embracing a plant-based lifestyle full or part-time.


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I was 5o lbs overweight and suffering from high blood pressure and high cholesterol when I discovered Ordinary Vegan's web site. With the web site's guidance, amazing vegan recipes and non-judgemental encouragement I became vegan. One year later, I am 60 lbs lighter and no longer take any cholesterol or high blood pressure medication. Thanks to OV!  — Janet

Ordinary Vegan

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