Dr. Kaayla

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Hilarious Health Activist

Kaayla is The Naughty Nutritionist because she outrageously and humorously debunks nutritional myths. She's VP of Weston Price Foundation, author of The Whole Soy Story, been on Dr. Oz, has hilarious YouTubes and a major book coming out next year. Her lectures and videos are a hoot. And you learn lots too. Dr. Mercola, JJ Virgin, Dr. Jonathan Wright, Dr. Wm Campbell Douglas are fans of her work. She is in favor of traditional ancestral diets, grass fed meats, etc.  — KT

Dr. Kaayla Daniel is known as the Naughty Nutritionist and does it with dry, double whammy humor. Her explanations have the unique blend of being bawdy yet intelligent so that just when you think nutrition is boring, she turns a phrase and makes it just enough lascivious to make it memorable. I don't know of a better way to help me understand nutrition.  — joette

Dr. Kaayla

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