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My name is Chris Sandel and I am a nutritionist. I am originally from Sydney and moved to London in 2003. It was shortly after arriving in the UK that I became interested in the importance of nutrition after seeing the beneficial changes to my own health through altering my diet. In 2006, after reading about nutrition for a number of years, I decided to study it formally. I attended the College of Naturopathic Medicine (CNM) for 3 years, receiving a Diploma in Nutritional Therapy. In 2009 I set up my own health company called 7 Health ( and have been busy ever since. I see the importance of food in the context of someone’s life. Nutrition is more than just taking in the right vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. Understanding physiology and how the body works is my passion and it ‘s what I endlessly study. Rather than just understanding disease and dysfunction, I like to know how things should be working and how the various body systems affect this. We are not machines and we don’t live our lives in a vacuum; lots of other factors affect our health other than just the nutrients we take in. I read widely on topics like brain chemistry, behaviour patterns, motivation, exercise, body image, linguistics, and emotions; due to their impact on health and food choices. These areas give me a better understanding of why people make the choices that they do and how these impact on people’s health and happiness. I see people for a wide variety of reasons or conditions; everything from digestive disturbances, pregnancy and weight loss through to diabetes and cardiovascular disease. If you are eating food, it is having an effect on your body and I can offer advice. When working with clients I see my role as an educator; I teach people how to look after and take control of their own health. Alongside seeing clients, I write a blog for my own website as well as contributing to other blogs and writing for magazines. I love writing and it is a great way for me to give out free information that people can apply to their own life.

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Chris Sandel @ 7 Health

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