Ahmed Afifi

Patient Leader

I am a T1 diabetic who is full of passion towards supporting fellow diabetics through spreading the word about real diabetes management. I do so by writing about my own experience in Diabetes management, about what I learn from great books that talk about Diabetes and how serious it is, if not taken care of. I have a facebook page that take care of all aspects of Diabetes management education , I write weekly articles in many newspapers and in my blogspot in Arabic so I can support the Diabetes community in middle east as much as I can. my hope is that every diabetic will be able to protect him/her self from Diabetes complications by achieving normal blood sugar all the time.


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I am a type 2 dependent on insulin and dedicated of Spreading the awareness of diabetes management through my facebook with 3000 followers page, my blogspot, writing articles in four arabic news papers and english articles in my linkedin account . Also through my youtube channel at youtube.. i am also writin a book in arabic about my exp. In diabet  — Ahmed

Inspiring and help diabetics to achive better control on their diabetes by sharing my experience through facebook page , twitter, blogspot and writing articles about diabetes management in many Arabic newspapers  — Ahmed

a very active person who is willing to make the life with diabetes much more healthier for diabetics.  — mohammed

He is an insiration for all diabetics in middle east through his contiuous support and advocady ..his fb page, twitter account, blogspot, many articles helped a lot of diabetes to be more aware of true diabetes control.  — Rehab

Engineer Ahmed Afifi, with ample knowledge and practical experience because diabetic , knew how to keep up measurements on health and disease dissemination of culture He is a Aabkhal Pmaaaraf , and ready to help any diabetic Photos always puts his food as an example of healthy food for a diabetic . Positive to far And mentor both him up .  — hana

Ahmed is a giant in the Diabetic community. His advice on nutrition and medication has probably saved upwords of thousands of lives. Daily, he gives his time and passion to the pure pursuit of helping others in need. The example set by his modicum of behavior - a caring and honorable man - is infectious within the community. He deserves this honor!  — R.

Cause he has great efforts helping diabetics and that was not easy. It took a lot of time to learn things from scratch, making his own research here and there until he formed his own beliefs and kept sharing his knowledge with others.. He has articles published in some news websites and soon he'll be publishing a book; a lot of people r waiting for

Diabetes is killing more people than Cancer and AIDS combined. Ahmed is fighting this life threatening condition by continuously empowering people around the world with knowledge to live a better life with Diabetes.  — Ronel

Ahmed Afifi

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