Do I Look Sick?

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Garland, TX


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Best in Show: Blog

Rachel is doing a great job educating people about IBS and endometriosis while at the same time giving us a peek into her life, sharing moments which ranges from entertaining to hysterical.  — Tamara

Her blog is informative & very entertaining!  — Ellen

Rachel has taken all of us who follow her blog on a journey that has enabled us to see her life through the eyes of someone who has an invisible illness. Over the years she has grown as a writer and as a person. She is dedicated to her readers.

Rachel provides an intimate look at life with invisible illness, along with helpful tips & facts, online & through in-person campaigns. Her advocacy efforts are filled with jokes, meme's, and original artwork that help those with chronic illness to know they aren't alone and leave all recipients better informed and laughing.  — Tosha

Do I Look Sick?

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