Tanya Masse - Bloody Awesome Mama

Patient Leader

I’m a MOM, WIFE, AUTHOR, BLOGGER, CARTOONIST, ENTREPRENEUR, CANCER CAREGIVER and AWESOMIST – Not always in that order! ;) Stripping away the INSANITY of LIFE, PARENTHOOD & CANCER – That’s what I do best! Through my comics, blogs and social media platforms, I encourage people to stop taking life way too seriously and provide a daily dose of humor, inspiration and important information about cancer caregiving, leukemia, stem cell / bone marrow donation and transplant! Life is hard and it isn't always fair, but at the end of the day it's all a matter of perspective. Cancer is powerful, but so is the mind. It's important to find the positive and the humor, even when it's hard.


Don Bosco, MO

Past Awards Participation

Fourth Annual Health Activist Awards


Hilarious Health Activist
Tanya Masse - Bloody Awesome Mama

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