Traci Patterson

Patient Leader

As the Founder and Director of Advanced Pathways Hypnosis I am passionate about advocating for the chronic pain community because I too was diagnosed with CRPS. I lived with the condition for 6+ years prior to gaining remission. Therefore, I understand all too well what patients and their families go through. When I was initially diagnosed it was hard to find viable treatment options. Advocacy can help that change both at the physician level and the insurance level. I see everyday how alternative treatments, such as Hypnosis Combined Therapy, are helping patients regain their lives. Making a change is a must! Knowledge is power. Helping others is humbling. Advocating is necessary.


Irvine, CA


Rookie of the Year Advocating for Another Best Kept Secret Best in Show: Facebook Patient Leader Hero

Traci has done an exceptional job of reaching out to those in need in the US & internationally: providing information, writing articles & Personal contact. This is her 1st year in practice & she has already touched, changed & made a difference in so many lives. She is a patient advocate, Ambassador U.S. Pain Foundation, CRPS survivor & clinician.  — Traci

Traci Patterson is truly a Patient Leader. Traci was diagnosed with CRPS, and now works tirelessly to treat and advocate for other chronic pain patients on an international basis. She has a dynamic background from perspective that few if any other patient, practitioner or advocate can offer. She is changing lives where others aren't! She's my HERO.  — Juleen

Traci Patterson

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