Charon Simmons

Patient Leader

I advocate the spreading the awareness of raising knowledge, hope, and funds for the research of Sickle Cell Anemia. The disease affects 70,000 Americans through all races and walks of life. Please help us at the Sickle Cell Foundation of Orange County by visiting Thank you, and remember: no matter what health issues you have, "Live by design, and not by diagnosis"


Best Kept Secret Health Activist Hero

Charon is one amazing guy. He has lived with the challenges of Sickle Cell Disease. In 2011, he went into a coma for 20 days, code blue for 15 minutes, had over 100 units of blood transfered, suffered complete renal failure and today, he is walking, driving, completing his degree in criminal justice with honors and still have a positive attitude and shares his sucess of overcoming challenges with every person that is facing the challenges of disabilities by giving back to local hospitals in visiting patients and constantly bringing awareness about sickle cell disease with every opportunity he can. Charon is my Hero because he isnt selfness of his challenges and share them with everyone by giving them hope and inspiring them to press and "Live by Design and Not by Diagnosis"  — Star

Sickle Cell Disease is so dear to Charon's heart. In addition to the challenges Charon faces with his own health issue with Sickle Cell Disease he still does everything he can to help those with this disease in spite of those challenges. Charon with the help of his team of doctors and the support of God, his family and his congregation was able to literally live a full life after having died and been brought back to life. Even before that life changing event Charon has helped his family create the Orange County Sickle Cell Disease Foundation and work to advocate and support others through this journey. Although Charon has other interests for career paths he continues to place his work with SCDF first. He has help raise countless funds for the organization which supports those with Sickle Cell Disease through treatment, financial struggles, advocacy and spiritual growth. Charon spends hours completing outreach support to those in the hospital or just need someone to talk to that understands their struggles.  — Star

He has sickle cell disease & goes out & helps other people that have the disease.

Charon is truly an amazing young man. He has had the challenges of sickle cell disease all his life and he still seems to bring joy and inspiration to others. I have seen him give encouragement to others even when he didnt beliueve it for himself. His unselfishness and willing to give others hope goes beyond the call of duty as an human being. I choose him for the best kept secret because he never stops giving even when he cant give to himself.  — Meter

I have known Charon as well as his family for long time now. Charon is smart, bright plus he always thinks about others, He has been doing lots of volunteer works, community services, where he always nonstop supporting the sickle cell, which he had it himsef and gone through alot with it. He is really a hero for young generation where its not only about education, but also how to make a better future for the next generaiton.  — Ellen

Charon is one amazing young man. He has courage of a warrior and never step out without a shinning beem. He has overcome the challenges of sickle cell disease and continue to inspire others to overcome their challenges and pursue their goals regardless of the disabilities they face. This young man is truly an inspiration to those who want to loose faith and hope.  — meter

Through her foundation she does an excellent job of advocating for sickle cell disease‏.  — Quentin

Charon Simmons, Has been an inspiration to so many people who have Sickle Cell Diseae and even people who are not aware of what Sickle Cell Disease is. Charon has continued to be the voice of the Orange County Sickle Cell Disease Foundation- Someone who know all to well what it's like to have this disease and still finds the time to encourage, educate and also give support to his little sister who suffers from this disease after his many achievements and accomphlisments in high school he is committed to getting his college degree. I'm amazed that when he is not feeling well himself after almost losing his own life to this disease. He will still speak at different events and be the face for life stream for donating blood an individuall who has triumphed over the many obstacles he has endured yet Charon continue to keep a smile on his face.You are one of the most courageous person I know.  — OLSEY

He has relentlessly without regard to his own personal Health been an unwavering Sponsor, Supporter, and SpokesPerson for Sickle Cell Disease, Awareness, Treatment, and Education. In light of his consistency to these causes and the fact that he stands strong, he is an excellent champion, and has the ability to encourage, families and all individuals who battle with this disease or are carriers of the trait. This needs to be known, locally, nationally and globally.  — RONALD-OSAZE S. M.

Charon is one amazing young man. His determinations to overcome the challenges of sickle cell disease and still give others with disabilities a smile that is wonderful. Charon is an unselfish individual who displays compassion for everyone. He has personally overcome so many health challenges mad you would never know.  — Elliott

Charon Simmons

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