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Christine is a leading pediatric pain clinician researcher who created a fabulous, funny You Tube video, It doesn't have to hurt The video helps parents understand simple easy things they can do to make needles less painful for their kids. She is determined not only to figure out what works- which she has in dozens of clever studies- but also to make it easy for parents to apply these methods in their children's healthcare.  — Patrick

As a parent myself, I know that no one likes taking their child for a needle. There is a new YouTube video however, showing parents the simple things that they can do to make that experience less painful. Dr. Christine Chambers, a clinical psychologist, professor, and researcher, has spent the last 20 years studying pain in children and questions why, despite numerous proven interventions, fewer than 5% of children get any pain relief for needles? Frustrated with the discrepancy between the research and the lack of public uptake, she wanted to empower parents to advocate for their children. Leading a multidisciplinary team she created a short video ( to let parents know that getting a needle doesn’t have to hurt! The video was released in Nov. 2013 and has had excellent feedback from both parents and health care professionals. It has been featured on several popular parenting blogs and shared by many high-profile organizations (e.g., AAP, CDC, NCIRD, CIHR).  — Jennifer

Dr. Christine Chambers, a clinical psychologist, Professor, & CRC in Children’s Pain at Dalhousie, is partnering with scientists, parents, & organizations to increase parents’ awareness & use of evidence-based pain management strategies for children. Social media is being used to engage parents via #ItDoesntHavetoHurt & #KidsCancerPain campaigns.  — Justine

Christine Chambers

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