Sheila Kim Purcell

Patient Leader

I am a Chronic Pain Patient, I suffer from MS, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Epilepsy and several other's.I have a passion for helping other's and have spent the last 4 years doing so full time. I am also a US Pain Ambassador for the US Pain Foundation. In 2012 Kentucky was hit hard by a bill known as The Pill Mill Bill.This law has made it near impossible for patients to receive any pain care much less adequate pain care. I have made this a personal mission to change this law !! Please help me and other's and stand up for what is right! Which is the right NOT to suffer due to people misusing pain medication! We did not ask for our PAIN,so do not punish each of us for the mistake of other's.


Best Kept Secret Health Activist Hero

Sheila, who has many health issues herself, fights tirelessly for the rights of pain patients to proper medical care. Because of the new laws in our state of Kentucky, Sheila is not only kind, compassionate, and tenacious, she is a plethora of knowledge regarding medical law. Sheila has taken many of us under her wing, and improved our lives.  — Emily

She has tried so very to help people every day.  — Sheila Kim

She works tirelessly for those of us who are too tired to do it, she contacts our local legislators as well as those up on Capitol Hill, there is no one she is afraid to talk to about our cause. She works with 3 or 4 different states to help them with their Chronic Pain Patients and she offers advice and will try to help anyone who contacts her.  — Sheila

Sheila Kim Purcell

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