Ali Gilmore

Patient Leader

In the summer of 2010 I was working my 15th year in technology, feeling burnt out and pretty middle aged. If you’d told me then that in the four years to follow, I would face and survive stage IV colon cancer, author a book and blog that would make people laugh while inspiring them to fight this disease, become a sports photographer with a highlight of covering David Beckham’s final US match at the 2012 MLS Cup, write and perform over 30 original songs and record a full length CD, I would’ve thought you were some kind of twisted Tony Robbins wannabe. Well, this has been my life to date - I kid you not. I am here to inspire others to dust off their own dreams and set them back in motion.

Past Awards Participation

Fourth Annual Health Activist Awards


Best Kept Secret Hilarious Health Activist
Ali Gilmore

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