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Joan has a linked-in profile that expounds upon her involvement within her community—she has served as a clinical expert, an abortion doula, and a medical advocate for survivors of sexual violence. She currently serves as Director of Development and Communications for the Midwest Access Project AND as Outreach and Communications Coordinator for All Women’s Health Chicago. In April of this year, she received the Planned Parenthood 2013 Young Volunteer of the Year Award. What Joan’s linkedin profile does not adequately portray is the passion and sheer elbow grease she puts into every bit of work she does for each and every organization she works with. Her belief in her work is inspiring, as is her commitment to women’s health. She is an extraordinary educator, a vociferous and charismatic proponent of some extremely tough and important issues, and the sort of woman who deserves to be acknowledged for this important work she does.  — Jamie

Joan has worked tirelessly as an advocate for women's health for some of the most underserved populations in Chicago. She puts in long hours at low pay at clinics, on help and crisis lines and is at the forefront of forums, demonstrations and meetings. Joan also spreads the word about women's health through social media, making sure that we all know what is happening and what is needed.  — dian

Joan is hilarious and she understands the importance of humor—how it has the power to connect people and bring some perspective to serious topics. She has an incredible way of making the most miserable topics in sexual health more manageable/approachable. I'm not quite sure how it happens, but with a simple one-liner she'll have the room in splits. Even a room that had just been talking budget cuts to HIV research projects 2 secs before. Every team deserves a Joan.  — Katie

Joan Pinnell

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