Melissa Cook

Patient Leader

When I was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis nearly 20 years ago I found limited resources to help me understand what life would be like with MS. Now on disability, I have time to share my story & research the latest news/studies for others. Monday - Friday I write quick read posts to inspire, education & help others dealing with MS. I dedicate myself to my blog & readers, responding promptly with thoughtful, meaningful replies to those in need. It is my hope to win this award to bring recognition to in an effort to reach new people whom might benefit from my blog. I am an MS Advocate dedicated to raising awareness & understanding of multiple sclerosis. @MSsymptomsme


Rookie of the Year

I began to provide multiple sclerosis patients with access to my 20-year story & latest research/news. I aim to blog inspiring, informative, helpful, short posts for quick Monday-Friday reads. I respond to those who reach out to me with meaningful, thoughtful replies & follow-up. I am an MS advocate.  — Melissa

Melissa Cook

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