Jill Heidi Osborne

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Jill Osborne, no doubt, has been the #1 advocate for interstitial cystitis for over 20 years. IC patients, often home bound, desperate, and isolated can find reliable information and compassionate support 24/7 on the world's most respected message board system for this painful bladder disease. Jill founded the national IC Awareness Campaign.  — Julie

When Jill was stricken with interstitial cystitis, instead of surrendering to a horrible disease, she chose to reach out to others with information and support. Jill initiated a single-page web site where we can share our experiences. The site has grown to over 80,500 registrations for the forums -- plus it contains a wealth of information.  — Donna

When Jill was diagnosed with interstitial cystitis, instead of bemoaning her fate, she chose to help others who shared her IC diagnosis. The one page site has grown from a one-page site offering information and support to a huge site offering forums (currently over 80,500 members from the entire world) along with a wealth of helpful information.  — Donna

Jill's live chats are so informative. She puts in alot of time to keep all of her ic network members up to date on any and all products, treatments etc.. Jill makes you feel important and heard and will take her time to answer any questions and not only that she will talk to you one on one by phone, that to me is above and beyond.  — Lori

Jill Heidi Osborne

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