Sarah Fader

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Sarah is an amazing and caring person. Her site, stigmafighters, gives a voice to whomever wants to share. She doesn't censor or edit -- your life; your story. She is a strong and caring person -- and more people should know that.  — Gabe

Sarah Fader has created a forum and a community where people with mental illness can share their stories. Every post is another opportunity for all people to realize there is no shame in having a mental illness. Each post is a step toward ending stigma which is attendant to living with a mental illness. Her blog is heroic and proactive.  — Maura

Sarah Fader continually advocates for people with mental illness. From creating the Stigma Fighters non-profit to her active Twitter and Facebook feed, she is constantly standing up and speaking out for better services for those with mental illness, visibility, and compassion. She is fearless and tireless and is an inspiration.  — Aaron

Michelle is a fantastic advocate for schizophrenia.  — Sarah

Sarah Fader

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