Star Simmons/President & Founder of Sickle Cell Foundation of Orange County

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Charon is a miracle indeed! I believe god saved him to tell the world that people with his disease can thrive. He never gives up!!  — Valerie

Knowing Star Simmons has given me and surely lots others the sense of being a great Mother and a Leader in the society. She is always busy doing great deeds for others, always ready when someone or somethings needed her help, but at the same time she makes sure that the family get what they need it. One big thing she ever taught me was Having Balance in everything you do. She is a role model for us to be a better human being and just what we need it for our generation to be better.  — Ellen

Star has dedicated her life to bringing awareness and helping as many people with the Sickle Cell Disease as she can through her charity. This is not just a cause for Star, this is her life and everyday she continues her work in order to make a difference in the lives of those that suffers with this disease.  — Tamika

Not only is Star Simmons faced with the same health challenges with Sickel Cell and her family, she is actively involved in raising money for the cure and is involved in the hospitals and the families that are facing the same challenges. She is amazing!

She is an amazing woman. With the health issue of her son and daughter she makes the difference in trying to help others with the same condition  — Monica

Star is a example to all of us, she never gives up! Her perseverance and strength is a bright light of Hope. she is a true hero!  — Valerie

She really has a heart to help people with their challenges, inspite of those of her own. She is a fighter and a difference maker, and an inspiration to so many others. Besides, she has a tremendous testimony of her own that will encourage others to fight, not lose hope or give up. She is a pillar strength and a woman that shows us how to stand in faith and to believe. She is committed, determined, and diligent with compassion in lifting people.  — Glenn

Starlerra's passion and commitment to advocacy to bring awareness to Sickle Cell Disease is immeasurable. Her fight began when her children were diagnosed with Sickle Cell Disease, and faced what seemed an insurmountable task of find adequate treatment for her children to not only survive with this disease, but live a full and healthy life. As she faced these challenges she met others with who were just beginning their journey with their own illness from Sickle Cell Disease or caring for their loved ones. She reached out to them with the knowledge and strength that she had already cultivated and began helping them. Starlerra eventually made this advocacy and outreach her life’s work. With the love and support of God, her family, congregation and friends, Starlerra started the Orange County Sickle Cell Foundation. Only a few years after starting the foundation, Starlerra’s son Charon died of Sickle Cell Disease and was brought back to life. If it weren’t for her spiritual connection with God and the strong fou  — Star

I am nominating Star for her leadership that serves Orange County, Ca for those with the Sickle Cell disease. I have been to the events and faire's that she and supporters have put on for more than 5 years. Star, has been passionate about bringing awareness and finding a cure for this disease, I have been around her family and children who have Sickle Cell and she never stops working, educating and giving support to families and their kids with the disease. Star is role model in the community and for the sickle cell foundation.  — Tony

She possesses every bit of integrity, passion, love and dedication to what she does. She truly cares and strives to create awareness about Sickle Cell. I would say she is a true "Hero" to many.  — Tom

Star Simmons/President & Founder of Sickle Cell Foundation of Orange County

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