General Questions

How did the WEGO Health Activist Awards get started? What are the WEGO Health Activist Awards?

The WEGO Health Activist Awards were created to embody the mission of WEGO Health: to empower Health Activists. We connect with so many inspiring Health Activists who raise awareness, share information, support their communities, and much more - often without recognition. The WEGO Health network is centered around Health Activists, so we knew it was up to us to tell these leaders how great they are! We wanted to celebrate those who have made a difference and thus, the Awards were born. We've since found that these Awards are one of the best ways to introduce new Health Activists to the online community and have community members say "thank you" to the leaders they love.

How can I get involved?

Thanks for asking! We'd love to have you nominate any and all great Health Activists you know. You can also share the WEGO Health Activist Awards with your friends, family, fans, followers, etc. Everyone is welcome to nominate and we want to make sure to recognize all the great leaders out there.

Tell me more about WEGO Health

WEGO Health is a different kind of social network, built for the community leaders, bloggers and tweeters who are actively involved in health online. WEGO Health is a platform for committed Health Activists to foster new relationships, gain access to helpful resources, and grow their communities. Our goal is to equip our network with opportunities designed for the active contributor, relevant content, powerful educational resources and shareable interactive media.

What is a Health Activist?

A Health Activist is someone who uses online resources to raise awareness of health issues. A Health Activist advocates for others through blogging, being members of online health communities, and contributing to those communities with their knowledge, insight and story.

I have a question and/or a suggestion that isn't listed here. What should I do?

Send any questions you have to with the subject line: WEGO Health Activist Awards Question.

What are the Awards categories?

We’ve built the Awards Program and created a number of categories so you can nominate anyone and everyone who makes a difference in your daily health journey.

The 14 Awards this year are:
  • Advocating for Another
  • Best in Show: Blog
  • Best in Show: Community/Forum
  • Best in Show: Facebook
  • Best in Show: Pinterest
  • Best in Show: Instagram
  • Best in Show: Twitter
  • Best in Show: YouTube
  • Best Kept Secret
  • Best Team Performance
  • Hilarious Health Activist
  • Health Activist Hero
  • Lifetime Achievement
  • Rookie of the Year
Who has won the Awards in previous years?

We’ve been lucky to have some fantastic winners over the last few years. Click here to meet all of the previous winners!

How can I stay up-to-date on the latest WEGO Health Activist Awards news?

Make sure you connect with us on Facebook, we’ll be posting a lot of information about the Health Activist Awards there!

Can I tweet, blog, Facebook, etc. about the Awards?

Yes – we’d love for you to share the WEGO Health Activist Awards with your community members! Make sure you use the hashtag #HAAwards on both Facebook and Twitter.

What if I don’t want to share my photo/name/website?

If you are a nominee and are creating your nominee profile, you don’t necessarily have to add your full name, photo, or website URL to your profile. However, having a more robust profile will help other people learn more about your activity online and may lead to a higher likelihood that they will endorse you. If you do not want to use your photo, you can upload an avatar instead.


Will I be able to see if I am nominated?

Each nominee will be notified via email and social media (as applicable) and will be given the chance to complete a unique Nominee Profile with additional information about themselves and their Health Activism.

Visitors will be able to see all of our nominees – and endorse them – in the WEGO Health Nominee Directory. WEGO Health will also be recognizing nominees on FacebookTwitterGoogle+, and our  blog so be sure to follow along throughout the program.

After winners are announced, we will release a full list of nominees, honorable mentions, and finalists.

Can I tell the person I nominated about the nomination? Can my nomination by anonymous?

That is entirely up to you! If you'd like to share your nomination with the nominee, your community, or others - go for it. It's a great way to remind the Health Activist how important they are to you and others in the community. A great way to inspire people to get involved is by sharing your nomination. However, if you'd rather keep your nomination anonymous, you can simply check the box on the nomination form.

How did you come up with the categories? Can I only use those to nominate someone?

The WEGO Health Activist Awards were created based on actual Health Activist feedback – and the same is true of the categories we use. They might change a bit each year, but they're created with you and your community in mind. We'll only be selecting winners for the categories listed in our nomination form but we're always open to suggestions.

How do I nominate someone?

Go to our  WEGO Health Activist Awards nominations page to get started. Tell us who you want to recognize, where you follow them online, and the award you think they should win. Once you're finished nominating your favorite Health Activist - feel free to share that nomination with your community or send a tweet with the hashtag #HAAwards! And be sure to nominate early and often – we want to recognize as many Health Activists as possible!

Can I nominate myself?

Of course! We hope you'll reach out to your community and ask them to nominate their favorite members of the online health world - and that includes you – but you’re also welcome to nominate yourself as part of the process. Be sure to take a moment and recognize any of the great leaders that help you on a daily basis as well.

I've been nominated but I'm not in the Nominee Directory, how do I get added?

Great question! The Nominee Directory was created to showcase all of our fantastic nominees and give your community members a place to endorse you - so we definitely want to make sure you've been added. As a nominee, you should have received an email with your unique directory link included 24 - 48 hours after your nomination, but if you haven't, please email us at and we'll make sure to send you your link to create your profile! It's especially important to share your story and your social links because your Nominee Profile will be shared with our judging panels during the judging phase of the Health Activist Awards.

I made a mistake in my Nominee Profile! What can I do?

If you need to make a change in your Nominee Profile, all you need to do is login at You should have selected a password when creating your Nominee Profile. Email us at with any issues!

Who should be nominated? Who can win a WEGO Health Activist Award?

Anyone who is an active and leading member of an online community should be nominated! He or she should provide the community with valuable information and support and make a difference for other patients and caregivers. Winners of each individual social channel award must have a presence on that particular social channel!

What if I was nominated and want to withdraw the nomination?

We’re hoping that you’ll see your nomination as validation from your community members but we do understand that it’s not for everyone. If you want to withdraw your nomination, please email us at

Where can I see all of the nominations?

You can view all of our nominees and finalists in the Nominee Directory. All nominees are featured in our Nominee Directory through their self-made profiles, as well as on the WEGO Health Facebook and Twitter pages. The Nominee Profiles will show information the nominee choose to display, as well as public nominations!

How long can I submit nominations?

We’ll be accepting nominations through September 9th, 2016 so keep nominating!

Can I nominate more than one person?

Definitely! We’d love for you to recognize as many Health Activists as you’d like!

Are there requirements to nominate someone? (Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+ site?)

We went to celebrate people for what they do! That’s why certain categories do have requirements. For example, if someone is nominated for Best in Show: Facebook, they must be active on their Facebook page. But the biggest requirement is that this person has made a difference for you or other patients.

How do I choose which award to nominate my favorite Health Activist for?

We recommend taking a moment to think about what your nominee does differently than others – what makes them special? Do they blog or tweet all the time? Then nominate them for Best in Show: Blog or Best in Show, Twitter. Is this person someone who’s been around since the early days of Health Activism? Maybe they deserve recognition in the Lifetime Achievement category. You can check out all of the Awards Categories individually to see what other categories might be a good fit.

What type of Health Activist should be nominated for the Lifetime Achievement Award? Do they have to have advocated for a certain amount of time?

Is there someone you know who doesn’t seem to fit in any of the categories because he or she actually fits in all of them? Then you can nominate that Health Activist for our Lifetime Achievement Award! The award celebrates the men and women who tirelessly spread awareness for their condition(s) through multiple channels and have been doing so for many years!

What if someone gets nominated that I don’t think should be recognized or should win?

WEGO Health does not nominate any Health Activists for any awards. We leave the awards open and we respect the community’s ability to choose the advocates that they think are best for the awards. If you have a particular concern about one of the advocates, please email us at

I’ve been nominated, when will my Nominee Profile be available?

When you’re nominated, you’ll receive a link to start your profile within 48 hours of being nominated. Once you create your profile it will be live. If you haven’t received your link, email us at!

How long will it take for me to make my Nominee Profile?

It should only take a few moments but that’s completely up to you! You can spend as much time as you’d like creating and adding to your Nominee Profile. Also, you’ll have a login, so you can access your Nominee Profile after it’s published, and make any changes.

If I’m nominated, can I still nominate and/or endorse other nominees?

Yes! We encourage nominees to help spread the word and recognize their fellow Health Activists.

How can I help raise awareness about my nomination to my community?

Get the news out there! You should tweet, blog, post on Facebook and use any social platforms you have to inform your communities! Tell your friends to endorse you! Don’t forget to use #HAAwards to increase your reach!


What is an endorsement?

An endorsement is a way to give nominees a visual show of support. The endorsement button is on each Nominee’s Profile and you can also see the number of endorsements that each nominee has received. The three nominees in each award category with the highest number of endorsements will automatically become finalists.

What happens when I endorse a nominee? Is it the same as voting?

Endorsements were created to give community members a chance to participate in the Health Activist Awards without having to nominate their favorite leaders every time. They started out as a way to give a shoutout or virtual hug to your favorite Health Activists but in response to popular demand, this year we will continue to use endorsements in the finalist selection process. The 3 most endorsed nominees in each Award category will automatically be a finalist - so if you are nominated for an award, make sure you ask your friends, family, and community members to take a moment to endorse your efforts.

Can I endorse more than one person?

You can endorse each person’s Nominee Profile once, but you can endorse as many people as you want! If you want to spread the love and endorse others, feel free to do so. We’ll be accepting endorsements through October 21st, 2016!

Do likes/tweets count as endorsements?

While showing your support through Facebook likes or tweets is appreciated by the nominees, we will not be counting that form of social media support towards endorsements.

Can I still become a finalist if I do not get a high number of endorsements?

Yes. While the three nominees with the highest endorsement numbers in each category will automatically become finalists, the rest of the finalists will be determined by a number of factors, not endorsements, by our judging panels.

Can nominees endorse each other?

Absolutely! We want the Health Activists to be able to support each other. You can only endorse each nominee once but can endorse as many nominees as they’d like!

Can I ask my community to endorse me?

Of course! Get your community involved, have them check out your Nominee Profile and show their support by endorsing you.

When does the endorsement process start? Stop?

We’ll be excepting endorsements September 12th, 2016 to October 21st, 2016. We’ll calculate all of the endorsements on October 21st, 2016 to see who will be selected as a Finalist.

What happens at the end of the endorsement process?

Following the conclusion of the endorsement process we will calculate the number of endorsements for each nominee and select the top three in each category to become finalists. Then the judging process will continue with the remainder of the nominees to select the rest of the finalists in each category. Upon selection of the finalists in each category, the full judging process will begin.


How do you pick the finalists?

After the nomination period officially ends (September 9th, 2016), WEGO Health will select a group of finalists with the help of our WEGO Health Activist Awards Judges - panels that are comprised of Health Activists as well as industry experts and WEGO Health team members. Because we receive a large number of nominations for each award, our judging panels cannot review every nomination. Finalists will be selected based on their relevancy according to that particular award and the information you provide will help determine their likelihood to win. Note: a nominee's community size (number of fans, followers, readers, members, etc.) will not be considered.

How do you pick the winners?

After all our nominations are in and reviewed – and a group of finalists have been selected - our judging panels (Health Activists, WEGO Health team members, and industry experts) will score each of the finalists based on their use of social media, their fit for the award, and how effectively they engage their online community. WEGO Health will tally these scores and announce the winners at our annual WEGO Health Activist Awards Ceremony.

I want to be a judge for the Awards – how can I do that?

We’re always looking to include more Health Activists in the judging process. If you’re interested in participating, please email us at with the subject line ‘Be a Judge’ and we’ll give you some additional details!

Can judges be nominees? Winners?

We do allow those who were nominated to participate in the judging process. However, if a judge is nominated for a certain award, they are not allowed to judge that category. We also give the judge the option to either remove themselves from the running or give up their judge’s spot.

How do you pick your judges?

We have many Health Activists, patients, caregivers, industry leaders, previous winners, finalists and community members that connect with us throughout the year, who note that they’d love to be involved in the Health Activist Awards. The WEGO Health team complies a list of those throughout the year and connects with each before Awards season. We’ll chat about the details, time commitment, and what is expected of the judges. Once they confirm they would like to official participate – they are in!

How do you score the nominees? What criteria do judges use when selecting semi-finalists, finalists, and winners?

Judges score nominees on the following criteria:

  • Fit for the Award
    • How well does this person fit the category they are nominated for? (i.e. if they are nominated for Rookie of the Year, have they only recently started their Activism?)
  • Use of Social Media
    • How well does this Health Activist use social media for their activism? Are they active, engaged and responsive on their networks? Are they a power user of social media and active on multiple profiles?
  • Focus on Sharing Information and Engagement
    • How well does this Health Activist balance sharing of their own content with the sharing of others content and information?
How is WEGO Health involved in the judging process?

The WEGO Health team is involved throughout the judging process. We help facilitate the judging panels, but we rely primarily on the scores of other Health Activists when judging nominees.

What information are judges provided regarding nominees?

The judges are provided all the information that is provided to us about the nominees! We give each nominee the opportunity to build a Nominee Profile, where they can include a bio, links to their social channels, and anything they’d want the judges to know about their activism to help them in the judging process.

How many judges are involved in the process?

The number depends on the number of nominations we collect throughout the process. We’ve had up to 80 judges participate in the judging process. The more nominations – the more judges we need!

Do the judges get anything for judging?

We feature each judge on our blog, and give them shout outs on all of our social channels!

Winners & Prizes

Who can win a WEGO Health Activist Award?

Anyone who focuses on health online! They can be in any health focus or condition, on any platform, in any location. If they advocate for health, they can win.

What does the winner get?

Winners will be publically announced during our ceremonies in March and each winner will receive special Health Activist Awards business cards signifying them as the winner of this year's program, a donation to their Health Activist, a feature on WEGO Health's blog and social channels, special access to WEGO Health opportunities throughout the year - including chances to speak at or attend conferences.

How do I win? And how will I know if I am the winner?

The WEGO Health Activist Awards will be accepting nominations through the first week of September (September 9th, 2016). After which we will start the judging phase of our program. We'll be pulling together judging panels comprised of your fellow Health Activists, industry leaders, and a few WEGO Health Staff. These panels will review all of our nominations, select finalists, and then review each of the finalists, scoring them on their social contributions, their fit for the award, and their engagement with their community. These scores are tallied across the judging panel and the winner is selected based on those scores. We'll notify each of the finalists in early November and all of our winners in December. Winners will be publically announced early December in a public and social ceremony.

Do I have to have thousands of followers/readers/blogposts/etc. to win?

No. Any Health Activist is eligible to win - no matter where they are on their journey or how big their community. In fact, we have a few awards tailored specifically to Health Activists who got started this year!

I’d like to donate something for the prize pack, how do I do that?

Thank you for your interest in supporting the WEGO Health Activist Awards! We’d love to talk with you about the options for donating something to our prize pack. Please email us at and we’ll connect with you directly!

Can someone win more than 1 award?

Each award is judged on an individual basis so it does happen that a Health Activist will be a Finalist – or even a winner – of more than one award. This doesn’t happen very often but is not against the rules.

Does WEGO Health expect anything of the winners in the future?

Health Activist Winners aren’t on the hook for anything specific but we do like to work with them as much as possible following the WEGO Health Activist Awards.

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