WEGO Health Activist Awards Frequently Asked Questions

How did the WEGO Health Activist Awards get started? What are the WEGO Health Activist Awards?

The WEGO Health Activist Awards were created to embody the mission of WEGO Health: to empower Health Activists. We connect with so many inspiring Health Activists who raise awareness, share information, support their communities, and much more - often without recognition. Because our network is centered around Health Activists, we knew it was up to us to tell these leaders how great they are. We wanted to celebrate those who have made a difference and thus, the Awards were born. We've since found that these Awards are one of the best ways to introduce new Health Activists to the online community and have community members say "Thank You" to the leaders they love.

Who can win a WEGO Health Activist Award?

Anyone who focuses on health online! They can be in any health focus or condition, on any platform, in any location. If they advocate for health, they can win.

How did you come up with the categories? Can I only use those to nominate someone?

The WEGO Health Activist Awards were created based on actual Health Activist feedback – and the same is true of the categories we use. They might change a bit each year but they're created with you and your community in mind. We'll only be selecting winners for the categories listed in our nomination form but we're always open to suggestions. Email us at community@wegohealth.com if you have an idea for a new category. Not sure where to start? Try recognizing your favorite Health Activist for the platform they love most!

How can I get involved?

Thanks for asking! We'd love to have you nominate any and all great Health Activists you know. You can also share the WEGO Health Activist Awards with your friends, family, fans, followers, etc. Everyone is welcome to nominate and we want to make sure to recognize all the great leaders out there.

How do I nominate someone?

Go to our WEGO Health Activist Awards nominations page to get started. Tell us who you want to recognize, where you follow them online, and the award you think they should win. Once you're finished nominating your favorite Health Activist - feel free to share that nomination with your community or send a tweet with the hashtag #HAAwards! And be sure to nominate early and often – we want to recognize as many Health Activists as possible!

Can I nominate myself?

Of course! We hope you'll reach out to your community and ask them to nominate their favorite members of the online health world - and that includes you – but you’re also welcome to nominate yourself as part of the process. Be sure to take a moment and recognize any of the great leaders that help you on a daily basis as well.

How do you pick the finalists?

After the nomination period officially ends (December 31, 2013), WEGO Health will select a group of finalists with the help our WEGO Health Activist Awards Judges - panels that are comprised of Health Activists as well as Industry Leaders Health Activists. Because we receive a large number of nominations for each award, our judging panels cannot review every nomination. Finalists will be selected based on their relevancy according to that particular award and the information you provide will help determine their likelihood to win. Note: a nominee's community size (number of fans, followers, readers, members, etc.) will not be considered.

How do you pick the winners?

After all our nominations are in and reviewed – and a group of finalists have been selected - our judging panels (Health Activists, WEGO Health team members, and industry experts) will score each of the finalists based on their use of social media, their fit for the award, and how effectively they engage their online community. WEGO Health will tally these scores and announce the winners at our annual WEGO Health Activist Awards Ceremony.

I want to be a judge for the Awards – how can I do that?

Want to be a judge of the Health Activist Awards? Sign up here and tell us a little about why you’re excited to judge: http://info.wegohealth.com/award-judging-panel/

What does the winner get?

Winners will be publically announced during our ceremonies in March and each winner will receive special Health Activist Awards business cards, signifying them as the winner of this year's program, a feature on WEGO Health's blog and social channels, special access to WEGO Health opportunities throughout the year - including chances to speak at or attend conferences, and a subscription to research publications to stay current on the latest research and information in their health conditions.

Will I be able to see if I am nominated?

Each nominee will be notified via email and social media (as applicable) and will be given the chance to flesh out their nomination with additional information about themselves and their Health Activism. Visitors will be able to see all of our nominees – and endorse them – in the WEGO Health Nominee Directory. WEGO Health will also be recognizing nominees on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and our blog so be sure to follow along throughout the program.

After all of the winners are announced, we will release a full list of nominees, honorable mentions, and finalists.

What happens when I endorse a nominee? Is it the same as voting?

Endorsements were created to give community members a chance to participate in the Health Activist Awards without having to nominate their favorite leaders every time. They started out as a way to give a shoutout or virtual hug to your favorite Health Activists but in response to popular demand, this year they have a new function as well! This year, the 3 most endorsed nominees in each Award will automatically be a finalist - so if you are nominated for an award, make sure you ask your friends, family, and community members to take a moment to endorse your efforts - they can endorse you once per day and we'll be calculating endorsement numbers on February 1st, 2014.

Can I endorse more than one person?

You can endorse as many people as you want! You can endorse each person’s directory profile, once per day. If you want to spread the love and endorse others, feel free to do so. The same goes for nominations. There is no limit to nominations.

I've been nominated but I'm not in the Nominee Directory, how do I get added?

Great question! The Nominee Directory was created to showcase all of our fantastic nominees and give your community members a place to endorse you - so we definitely want to make sure you've been added. As a nominee, you should have received an email with your unique directory link included but if you haven't received that, please email us at community@wegohealth.com and we'll make sure to send you your link to create or edit your profile!  It's especially important to share your story and your social links because your Nominee Profile will be shared with our judging panels during the judging phase of the Health Activist Awards.

I made a mistake in my directory profile! What can I do?

If you need to make a change in the directory profile please email community@wegohealth.com and request that your directory profile be unlocked.  Please include the email address that the nomination notification was sent to.

How do I win?  And how will I know if I am the winner?

The WEGO Health Activist Awards will be accepting nominations through the end of 2013 (December 31st, 2013) after which we will start the judging phase of our program.  We'll be pulling together Judging Panels comprised of your fellow Health Activists, industry leaders, and a few WEGO Health Staff.  These panels will review all of our nominations, select finalists, and then review each of the finalists, scoring them on their social contributions, their fit for the award, and their engagement with their community.  These scores are tallied across the judging panel and the winner is selected based on those scores.  We'll notify each of the finalists in early February and all of our winners in March.  Winners will be publically announced during mid-late March in a public and social ceremony.  You can sign up to be a judge here and RSVP for our ceremony here.

Tell me more about WEGO Health

WEGO Health is a different kind of social network, built for the community leaders, bloggers and tweeters who are actively involved in health online. WEGO Health is a platform for committed health advocates to foster new relationships, gain access to helpful resources, and to grow their communities. Our goal is to equip our network with opportunities designed for the active contributor, relevant content, powerful educational resources and shareable interactive media.

What is a Health Activist?

A Health Activist is someone who uses online resources to raise awareness of health issues. A Health Activist advocates for others through blogging, being members of online health communities, and contributing to those communities with their knowledge, insight and story.

Do I have to have thousands of followers/readers/blogposts/etc. to win?

No. Any Health Activist is eligible to win - no matter where they are on their journey or how big their community. In fact, we have a few awards tailored specifically to Health Activists who got started this year!

Can I tell the person I nominated about the nomination?

That is entirely up to you! If you'd like to share your nomination with the nominee, your community, or others - go for it. It's a great way to reminder the Health Activist how important they are to you and others in the community. We hope to receive a bunch of nominations and a great way to inspire people to get involved is by sharing how you got involved. If you'd rather keep your nomination anonymous - simply check the box at the bottom of the nomination form.

I have a question that isn't listed here. What should I do?

Send any questions you have to community@wegohealth.com with the subject line: WEGO Health Activist Awards Question.

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